Tuesday, January 12, 2010

老婆的巧手 DIY


一則是它真的很貴,二來是... 它真的有這麼神奇嗎?

Baker's couche is a canvas cloth made from untreated natural fiber used to proof (ferment) the dough. The rough surface absorbs the extra moisture in the dough giving the bread a thick crispy crust which is a characteristic of French bread. It is also sturdy enough to hold a round shape to create a dividing wall between the loaves so that they don't stick to each other. You will still get acceptable results without it but if you want to perfect your bread like the French do and get a nice thick crust, you can buy it here, it comes in natural cotton.


這些是在網路上賣的 Baker's Couche....

純麻做的、要價美金 21.95 塊!

純棉帆布做的、也要美金 14.95 大洋呢!


所以家庭煮夫就帶著賢內助去了一趟 Fabricland,
然後只花了九塊四分錢買了一塊 raw canvas

回家之後,老婆剪了一塊下來 (一半不到的布)、重疊、再加上車布邊...
隨隨便便一塊 homemade Baker's Couche 就在老婆的巧手之下完成了




只要覺得有用、它就是有用!不然怎麼對得起老婆的巧手 DIP 呢?!

raw canvas 一定要先洗過、才可以拿來用喔 (洗乾淨了、開始用了以後,就不要洗了!)

問題是、raw canvas 縮水縮得很厲害喔!例如我們剪了 18 吋寬的布,洗過之後剩下 15 吋半啦!

還有,我們是用雙層布來做 couche... 說真的,其實不必啦!用一層就夠了!
這樣可以省更多,一張 DIY 的 couche、大概只要兩塊錢不到的成本呢。

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