Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mozzarella Cheese Bread Sticks

1. whole wheat 全麥麵粉 2 cups
2. quick rise yeast 1 and 2/3 teaspoons
3. 雞蛋 2 個
4. sugar 3 tablespoons
5. salt 1/2 teaspoon
6. butter 1/3 cup
7. warm milk 2/3 cup
8. "boiled-milk-dough" a few
9. 原味優格 1/4 cup
10. Mozzarella cheese 1 cup (Pizza 用的 cheese)
11. 美乃滋 少許

1. 事先準備材料的第八項;80 cc 的牛奶煮沸之後,倒進 80 克的麵粉裡,攪勻之後、然後搓成一糰、封好,冰在冰箱裡、隔夜。
2. 把 yeast 用溫牛奶泡開。
3. 把糖、鹽攪入麵粉,然後慢慢加入摻了 yeast 的溫牛奶(同時開始和麵糰);再慢慢加入打勻的蛋;再加入 butter、還有第八項材料以及優格加入。最後和成濕度適當的麵團。(和麵的時候請自行調整水量)

4. 把麵團用力揉大約十五分鐘之後,搓成圓球狀之後,封好、讓它發酵 90 分鐘。



5. 把發酵好的麵團分成五份;然後把每一份搓成長條之後、放在烤盤上。(這裡是使用 Sub-bread Pan)

6. 把麵團用濕布蓋好,放在潮濕、溫熱處,再給它們發 60 分鐘。


7. 二次發酵後,先刷上 egg wash;然後擠上美乃滋,在鋪上 cheese。

8. 喜歡蔥的話,可以再灑上點蔥花。

10. 放進 (預熱 375 度華氏)烤箱中層,烤大約 20 分鐘就大功告成了。


11. 等麵包冷卻後,可以再加上美乃滋,然後灑上肉鬆,這樣就更有台式風味了。

PS. 雖然是 Bread Stick... 可是他們是軟綿綿的全麥麵包喔。


  1. why you want to move to this website? is this website better than yahoo blog??? I have visited since Dec then I figured out that you may really move to this website. anyhow, it is very good to hear from you at the first day of 2010. HAPPY 2010--the following is my website. I guess you still know me, right?!XYp7Yn2YBRvBtwbKxdrb

  2. To Candy Shop,
    sure I remember you... and I visit your blog quite often...

    Google blog is sort of better than Yahoo, I guess.

    Anyways, I' m glad you followed all the way to here.

    Wish you and your family all the best in the very first day of the year.

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