Sunday, January 16, 2011

家庭煮夫學英文 (23) --- euphemism

所以就有 euphemism 來表達;
像是 eliminate 就是 kill 的 euphemism;

(那個傢伙老是要威脅警察,所以被人給『做』掉了;『做』就是『殺』的 euphemism)

另一個 euphemism 的例子....

beaver ---> hoohoo ---> private part (直接講出來、灰熊不雅)

euphemistic 跟 implicit 的意思又不一樣;

implicit : capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed

這又跟 beat around the bush 不同.....

beat around the bush --- speak indirectly or evasively; not directly address the problem (Used when someone doesn’t say what he or she means)

哇.... 全部都搞糊塗了.... 好難喔....

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